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The Saunders Roe A.37 Shrimp was a 1930s British two-seat four-engined experimental flying boat built by Saunders-Roe Limited ("Saro") at Cowes.

A.37 Shrimp
Saro Shrimp.jpg
Role research aircraft
Manufacturer Saunders-Roe Limited
Designer H Knowler
First flight October 1939
Introduction 1939
Retired 1949
Status Scrapped
Primary users Saunders Roe
Air Ministry
Number built 1


The Shrimp was designed by H Knowler in 1939 as a half-size research aircraft as part of a development programme for the Saunders-Roe S.38 a four-engined patrol flying-boat to Specification R.5/39 – a replacement for the Short Sunderland.[1] The R.5/39 project was cancelled but the Shrimp was completed as a private venture. Registered as G-AFZS, it was first flown at Cowes in October 1939. It was based at Beaumaris, Anglesey where a slipway was built for it. The Ministry of Aircraft Production acquired it in 1944 with the serial TK580 for tests to help the design of the Short Shetland a successor to the R.5/39 project being developed jointly by Saro and Short Brothers. For this its twin rudder tail was swapped for a single fin and the hull was modified to represent that of the Shetland.[2]

The Shrimp was scrapped at Felixstowe in 1949.



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