Sardinian Crimea Medal

The Sardinian Crimean War Medal or, more formally, the silver medal for Military Valour for the Eastern Expedition 1855–1856 (Italian: Medaglia d’Argento al Valor Militare per la spedizione d’Oriente 1855–1856) was a gallantry medal awarded by King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia for bravery during the Crimean War (1855–1856) against the Russian Empire. It is a variant of the Sardinian Medal of Military Valor.

Sardinian Crimea Medal
Obverse of the medal
TypeCampaign medal
Presented bythe  Kingdom of Sardinia
EligibilityBritish, French and Sardinian personnel
Campaign(s)Crimean War
Established6 June 1856
Total recipients450 (British recipients)
Ribbon bar

Ribbon and medal edit

A silver medal with a blue watered ribbon. The obverse shows a crown with laurel and palm branch surrounding the arms of Savoy, with the inscription "Al Valore Militare". The reverse is inscribed "Spedizione d'Oriente 1854–1856" outside a laurel wreath,[1] with the name, rank and unit of the recipient usually engraved within the wreath.[2]

In addition to awards to the Sardinian Expeditionary Corps and other allied soldiers, the medal was awarded to 450 specially selected officers and men of the Royal Navy and British Army.[3] Queen Victoria gave permission for the medal to be worn by British servicemen in uniform.[4]

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