Sardar Mahal

Sardar Mahal is a palace located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Sardar Mahal was built in European style by Nizam VI Mir Mahboob Ali Khan in 1900 for one of his consorts Sardar Begum. As Sardar Begum did not like the construction, she never stayed there. However, the building took her name. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation took over the Sardar Mahal in 1965 due to outstanding property taxes.[1] The palace is to be converted into a museum. It was declared as a heritage building by the Heritage Conservation Committee and INTACH.[2]

Sardar Mahal
General information
TypeRoyal Palace
Architectural styleEuropean
LocationHyderabad, India


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Coordinates: 17°21′39″N 78°28′35″E / 17.3609°N 78.4764°E / 17.3609; 78.4764