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Saraguro (also Sarakuru) is the capital of Saraguro Canton in Loja Province, Ecuador. Saraguro parish has an area of 74.14 square kilometres (74,140,000 m2). The population of the parish increased from 7,346 in 2001 to 9,045 in 2010.[1] Saraguro town had a population of 3,124 in 2001 and 4,031 in 2010 and hsd an elevation of 2,719 metres (8,921 ft).[2] Coordinates: 3°37′20″S 79°14′22″W / 3.622343°S 79.239557°W / -3.622343; -79.239557

The main plaza in Saraguro.

The Saraguro ethnic group are a major component of the population and culture of the town and canton of Saraguro.

It is the only ethnic group of the many more found in the province of Loja that has survived Spanish colonization. Their clothing is characterized in the men by the ponchos and white hats with black spots (at the moment, they used the hats with wide wing made of wool of sheep) and espadrilles; and in women by the anacos and shawls of the same color.