Sapsan Arena

Sapsan Arena (Russian: «Сапсан Арена») is a football stadium situated in Moscow, Russia. It hosts Kazanka Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow's farm club, and Lokomotiv Moscow's youth team. It seats 10,000 people.

Sapsan Arena
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Former namesMinor Sports Arena Lokomotiv
LocationMoscow, Russia
Public transit#1 Sokolnicheskaya line Cherkizovskaya
#14 Moscow Central Circle Lokomotiv
OwnerRussian Railways
OperatorLokomotiv Moscow
Field size105m × 68m
SurfaceArtificial Turf
Kazanka Moscow
Lokomotiv Moscow (youths)
WFC Lokomotiv
Moscow Patriots
Chertanovo Moscow (in winter)


The stadium was built in 2009 and its initial capacity stood at 5000, all seated. It is the home stadium of the youth squad of Lokomotiv. It was also used by Lokomotiv-2, prior to their disbandment. The stadium was further expanded in the winter of 2010, and as a result nowadays the stadium is capable to hold 10,000 people, all seated. In addition to the expansion, all the four stands were covered under a roof. Such development qualified the Minor Sports Arena Lokomotiv to meet the standards for UEFA competition and thus international and European matches can be played at the small stadium.

On 5 August 2017, Lokomotiv announced that the stadium has been renamed to Sapsan Arena[1]


It is situated adjacent to the main Lokomotiv Moscow stadium, the RZD Arena. Its surface is artificial turf.


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