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Santos Futebol Clube (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈsɜ̃ŋtus fuʧiˈbɔw ˈklubi] Santos Football Club), also known as Santos and familiarly as Peixe,[1] was a Brazilian professional futsal club, based in Santos, Brazil. They play in the Liga Futsal, Brazil's national league.

Santos FC logo.svg
Full nameSantos Futebol Clube
Nickname(s)Peixe (Fish)
Santástico (Santastic)
Alvinegro praiano (Beach black-and-white)
Clube do povo (Club of the people)
DissolvedDecember 27, 2011
GroundArena Santos, Santos, Brazil
WebsiteClub website


Santos Futebol Clube was founded on April 14, 1912.[2] The futsal department was created in 2011, after a partnership between Santos Futebol Clube and Cortiana Plásticos.[3] Falcão has been signed for the club, to play for two seasons.[3] They won the Copa Gramado in 2011, after beating Krona Futsal 3-1 on March 3, 2011.[4] Santos debuted in the 2011 Liga Futsal on March 14, 2011, against Krona Futsal, at Ginásio da Univille, in Joinville, Santa Catarina.[5] They beat Krona Futsal 3-2.[6] Santos won the 2011 liga Futsal after beating Carlos Barbosa on penalties.[7] Due to lack of funds, the club was dissolved on December 27, 2011.[8]



Santos Futebol Clube played their home games at Arena Santos.[3] The stadium has a maximum capacity of 5,000 people.[3]


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