Santo Krishnan

Santo Krishnan, originally named Krishnan Nair, (12 May 1920 – 6 July 2013) born in Ottapalam was an Indian athlete and stuntsman.[1] Having appeared in more than 1000 films in Malayalam ,Tamil ,Singala,Telugu,Kannada,Hindi & English .He died of sickness on 6 July 2013.[2]

Career and personal lifeEdit

Active in weightlifting and wrestling, Krishnan first appeared in the Tamil flick Mahaveera Bhiman (1935).[3] Born Krishnan Nair,[4] Santo Krishnan was married to Kochukutty Amma, who died before him in 2012.[5] They had no children.[3] He studied till sixth form because he was sacked out of school in 1932 when he reacted against head master whom belongs to Iyer caste introduced different bench for different caste students . Then he ran out to Chennai to accomplish his passion of acting . Before acting for a year for his living he worked in hotels . Then he joined in Nawab Rajamanikkam's troupe . He was a Hanuman devotee . He was trained in Indian wrestling from Kerala Gama Manacaud Narayana Pillai and Navneet Iyer , Boxing from Aryaveerasenan ,Kalari from CV Narayanan Nair


Krishnan died on 6 July 2013 at Lakkidi, India.[3] The cause of death was a bout of sickness he had encountered during the weeks leading to his death.[6] He was aged 93 and was cremated near his home.[7]



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