Santacittarama is the name of the Italian Theravada Buddhist monastery in the Thai Forest Tradition lineage of Ajahn Chah located near Rome. In the spring of 1990 the Italian Bhikkhu Ajahn Thanavaro (later Mario Thanavaro) and then Anagarika John Angelori were sent by Ajahn Sumedho to take up residence in a small house outside the village of Sezze-Romano south of Rome. Later, with an important contribution from the Thai community, a more suitable location was found in Poggio Nativo in the countryside of Sabina. and a larger monastery was established in 1997 with separate buildings for visitors and Kutis in the woods for residents and visiting Bhikkhus. Mrs. Natchari Thananan, the wife of the Thai Ambassador to Italy, Anurak Thananan, was instrumental in raising funds for this monastery. Some years later the Santacittarama Association acquired an adjoining property, with a building used mainly to accommodate elderly monks (Nirodha), and a large Temple was constructed.

Sangha composition as of Nov. 2019Edit

  • Ajahn Chandapalo (British / Italian) - Abbot
  • Ajahn Jutindharo (Thai / Italian)
  • Ajahn Puripañño (Thai)
  • Ajahn Suvaco (Thai)
  • Ajahn Mahapañño (Italian)
  • Bhikkhu Mahabodhi (Italian)
  • Bhikkhu Jayaviro (Italian)
  • Samanera Santidharo (Italian)
  • Samanera Silanando (Italian)
  • Samanera Thitamedho (Italian)
  • Anagarika Sebastian (Swedish)
  • Anagarika Giuseppe (Italian)

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