Santa Mariña de Ribeira

Ribeira, Santa Mariña de (Also Sta. Marina de Ribeira in Spanish Castillian) is one of the 51 boroughs [1] which constitute the, predominantly very rural, municipality of A Estrada, Pontevedra, Galicia North Western Spain.

It is located at 42°44.42′N 8°26.36′W / 42.74033°N 8.43933°W / 42.74033; -8.43933. Altitude: 74m


  1. ^ from 2006, all the 51 boroughs of the Municipality of A Estrada have Internet Wi-Fi connections available open to any of their 21,880 residents (2004) who might be interested in registering for this fee paying service, centrally organized, by one of the institutions run by the Town Hall (i.e.: A Estrada Dixital).