Sanskar Bharati is an organization that works to promote Indian art, fine arts, and culture. Notable contributors include Indian intellectuals like Bhaurao Devars, Haribhau Wakankar, Nanaji Deshmukh, Madhavrao Devale, and Yogendra.

History edit

The concept of Sanskar Bharati was first developed in 1954, and the first institute was established in Lucknow in 1981. In 1988, the Mirzapur unity was formed for the Ekadashi (Rangbhari Ekadashi) of the Falgun Shukla Party.

Presence and motto edit

At present, there are over 1200 branches of Sanskar Bharati throughout the country. Its motto is "Art gives freedom by cutting the straits of evil". Sanskar Bharati works in various spheres of the society with the aim of awakening patriotism, cultivating appreciation of Indian culture and values, and encouraging the development of various arts and novice artists. Since 1990, the annual session of Sanskar Bharati has been organized in the form of an 'Art Sekhak Sangam', in which various forms of arts like music, plays, painting, poetry, literature, and dance are displayed. Various established and novice artists from across the country participate in this event.

Working committee edit

The present organizational structure of Sanskar Bharati is as follows:[1]

S. No Name Position
1 Baba Yogendra National Guardian, Agra
2 Vasudev Kamath National President, Mumbai
3 Vishram Jamdar National Mahamantri, Nagpur
4 Ravindra Bharti National Minister of State, Jaipur
5 Anand Prakash Narayan Singh Provincial Speaker (Bihar), Patna
6 Vinod Kumar Gupta Provincial Mahamantri (Bihar), Patna
7 Dr. S. Pratam Singh Provincial President (Kashi Province)
8 Dr. S. Ganesh Awasthi Provincial Executive President (Kashi Province)
9 Shri Sujit Srivastava Provincial General Secretary (Kashi Province)
10 Major Deendayal Patshak
11 Dao Ajay Sharma President
12 Nirmal Popli Vice President
13 Suresh Vashishtha Vice President
14 Shri Sampoor Singh Mahamantri
15 Shri Abhishek Gupta Maha Pratham
16 Shri Rakesh Kumar Treasurer
17 Shri Uditendu Verma 'Nishchal' Minister
18 Shrimati Swadesh Charaura Maternal Power Chief
19 D.R. Raicha Gupta Organization Minister

References edit

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