Sana Maulit Muli (International title: Chances / transl. Wish It Happened Again) is a Filipino primetime soap opera produced by ABS-CBN. It was considered as one of the most watched television shows in the Philippines from January 8, 2007 to April 20, 2007.[1] A film with the same title was made in 1995, and stars Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga, produced by ABS-CBN's sister company, Star Cinema. The series was sold to TBS, entitled Chances. It was dubbed in Taiwanese, and premiered on February 18, 2008.[2]

Sana Maulit Muli
Sana Maulit Muli-titlecard.jpg
GenreSoap opera, Teleserye
Created byABS-CBN
Written byPhilip King
Directed byJerome C. Pobocan
Claudio Tots Sanchez-Mariscal IV
StarringKim Chiu
Gerald Anderson
Erich Gonzales
Jake Cuenca
Theme music composerGary Valenciano
Angeli Valenciano
Ending theme"Sana Maulit Muli" by Gary Valenciano
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)Filipino
No. of episodes73 (see list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Breanda Lee Estocapio
Running time20-25 minutes
Production company(s)Dreamscape Entertainment TV
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseJanuary 8 (2007-01-08) –
April 20, 2007 (2007-04-20)


Book 1Edit

Sana Maulit Muli is about two young lovers who discover how true love can overpower fate and destiny. Small-town girl Jasmin Sta. Maria (Kim Chiu) and Travis Johnson (Gerald Anderson), the illegitimate son of an American soldier, meet as stowaways in a ship sailing from Cebu. They promise to write each other as they were separated; this promise is intercepted as soon as Camille Soriano (Erich Gonzales) deceives Travis by writing to him as Jasmin. In time, Travis' father dies and their family leaves for the Philippines only to meet up with Camille and consequently Jasmin. A rocky start between Jasmin and Travis (when Jasmin was assigned to tutor him after a school brawl) turns into friendship then real love. Jasmin learns later on of Camille's deception and soon after learns that Camille is her younger sister. To make amends with her sister, Jasmin gives away everything for Camille's happiness leading to the break-up. Due to the taunting of Travis' brother Brandon, a twist ensues as Jasmin dies by a bus accident.

Book 2Edit

Given a chance to change destiny by the mysterious Mang Andres (Michael de Mesa), Travis leaps back in time to be with the person that he loves. Also, Brandon (Jake Cuenca) falls in love with Bianca (Neri Naig), Clara's (Glydel Mercado) sister. Clara is also Camille's stepmom. Jasmin's mother (Mickey Ferriols) is the true mother of Camille, which means Jasmin and Camille are sisters. But Camille does not know the truth.

Brandon is falling head over heels for Bianca and she does as well, after all his sweet visits to her photo shop. (Bianca is a photographer from Boston who moves back because of the breakup of her boyfriend.) Finally, Bianca gives in, and she accepts Brandon, sleeping in his condo for the night which results to her getting pregnant.

Travis attempts to let Jasmin love him but the fact that Jasmin does not know about their love hinders him. Despite Mang Andres request to Travis of not to reveal what he knows about the past, he stubbornly continues to try to change everything. Every time Travis reveals something from the past, it ultimately causes a ripple in time. For one, he confronts Camille about her lie on being Poknat. Camille insists that she is indeed the real Poknat by singing Poknat and Bokbok's song and showing Travis the heart of the friendship, the sandal (which in Book 1 Camille did not have). Thus, instead of trying to gain Jasmin's love again, Travis could ultimately be changing the fabric of time for the worse; for example, Clara, Camille's stepmom, dies of a fire because of Travis. Jasmin realizes because of her life that Travis is saving, other people are dying in exchange for her life. But earlier, because Travis saved at the bet, Jasmin and Travis won't be disturbed by him and they can finally be together again. As the time comes closer, Travis tries to save Jasmin's life but is mistaken to have mental problems since his paranoia for Jasmin's safety is becoming worse. He's then confined in a hospital.

As the night of Jasmin's death comes, Travis goes through different escapades to escape the hospital, to save her. Finally getting to see each other, Jasmin, still afraid but willing to die, promises to fight for her life. As the moment arrives, an out-of-control truck hits Jasmin and Travis, which left Jasmin safe and Travis in critical condition. Fully shocked by what had happened, Jasmin makes a deal with Mang Andres to keep Travis alive, in exchange for her life. But all plans fail when Travis pursues to die to save Jasmin from dying again. Just in time Jasmin is saved by her parents. Opposite from Book 1, everyone mourns Travis' death, except for Jasmine, because she believes in her heart that Travis and she will be together again. Before going back to the United States, Travis' mother, Monica, leaves all of his belongings to Jasmin, as she knows Travis would've wanted her to have them. Jasmin sees the watch that brought Travis back in time. Jasmin goes back in time, during her happiest times with Travis and far away from danger.

With that happening, Mang Andres finally decides to let Jasmin and Travis be, leaving all of them happy and alive. In conclusion, Brandon and Bianca are a happy couple, married and in love, with a new baby son. Jasmin goes to law school and Travis becomes a doctor. She soon graduates and becomes a successful lawyer. Camille becomes a happy teacher. Jasmin and Travis soon marry and are happily together.


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Supporting castEdit


An original soundtrack was made by ASAP Music and distributed by Star Records for the series.

"Say You'll Never Go" by Erik Santos "I Remember the Boy" by Sheryn Regis "Umaasa lang Sayo" by Six Part Invention "Maalala Mo Sana" by Silent Sanctuary "Mine" by Kim Chiu "Hiling" by Frio

Taiwan releaseEdit

This series was sold to TBS under the PTS network, entitled Chances. It was dubbed in Taiwanese, and premiered on February 18, 2008. Bong R. Osorio, head of ABS-CBN’s corporate communication said that the rights to air the series in Taiwan costed the TBS, "millions of pesos" and described the series of garnering a "steady base of loyal Taiwanese fans".[3]


  • Directors: Jerome C. Pobocan and Claudio Tots Sanchez-Mariscal
  • Executive in charge of production: Roldeo Endrinal
  • Executive producer: Brenda Lee Estopacio
  • Production manager: Julie Anne R. Benitez
  • Creative manager: Rondel P. Lindayag
  • Head writer: Reggie Amigo
  • Writer: Philip King

International broadcastEdit



Year Film Award/Critics Award
2007 21st PMPC Star Awards for Television Winner, Best New Male TV Personality (Gerald Anderson)
2007 21st PMPC Star Awards for Television Winner, Best New Female TV Personality (Kim Chiu)
2007 ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards 2007 Winner, Pop TV Show of the Year
2007 ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards 2007 Winner, Pop TV Character of the Year (Bokbok and Poknat)

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