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US Army photo taken near the base of Kettle Hill circa July 4, 1898. The soldier is pointing up to the top of Kettle Hill. In the background you can see the block houses on San Juan Hill and the American encampment.

San Juan Hill is a series of hills to the east of Santiago, Cuba, running north to south. The area is known as the San Juan Heights or in Spanish Alturas de San Juan before Spanish–American War of 1898, and are now part of Lomas de San Juan.


These were the heights where Spanish soldiers entrenched themselves in the most famous[citation needed] battle of the Spanish–American War, the Battle of San Juan Hill. The Americans named the lesser heights, "Kettle Hill", and the higher southern hill, "San Juan Hill", after the battle of July 2, 1898. The two high points or hills are connected by a draw or saddle on a north-south axis.

The fight for the San Juan Heights or Hills became known as the Battle of San Juan Hill due to a reporter's telegraphy error in which the plural "s" was dropped. American Army reports also referred to the heights as "hills".

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