San Javier station

San Javier is the seventh and final station on line B of the Medellín Metro,[1] and a transfer station to line J. It is the most western station and is the only station on line B that is not elevated. The station was opened on 28 February 1996 as part of the inaugural section of line B, from San Javier to San Antonio.[2] In 2008 it was subjected to a process of expansion and remodeling to connect with the new line J, known as Metrocable New West. It is also the only station on the line to have an Island Platform.

Saint Javier

Estación San Javier
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General information
Coordinates6°15′25″N 75°36′50″W / 6.25694°N 75.61389°W / 6.25694; -75.61389Coordinates: 6°15′25″N 75°36′50″W / 6.25694°N 75.61389°W / 6.25694; -75.61389
Preceding station   Medellín Metro   Following station
TerminusLine B
toward San Antonio
toward La Aurora
Line JTerminus


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