Samuel Glasstone

Samuel Glasstone (May 3, 1897 – Nov 16, 1986) was a British born American academic and writer of scientific books. He authored over 40 popular textbooks on physical chemistry and electrochemistry, reaction rates, nuclear weapons effects, nuclear reactor engineering, Mars, space sciences, the environmental effects of nuclear energy and nuclear testing.

Samuel Glasstone
3 May 1897
Died16 November 1986

Early lifeEdit

Glasstone was born on May 3, 1897 in London. He received two doctorates, in 1922 and 1926 (PhD and DSc), in chemistry at London University. Glasstone discovered the C–H···O interaction in 1937. After several academic appointments in England, he moved to the US in 1939 and became a naturized citizen in 1944.


His book The Effects of Nuclear Weapons,[1],co-authored with Philip J. Dolan, has appeared in three editions: 1957,[2] 1962,[3] and 1977[4] (originally titled The Effects of Atomic Weapons[5]), and documented the effects of nuclear explosions. He published several important texts on physica chemistry and theoretical chemistry, including the very popular 'A textbook of Physical Chemistry' (1943), and 'Elements of Physical Chemistry' (1960).


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