Samogitian Sanctuary

Samogitian Sanctuary[1] (Lithuanian: Žemaičių Alkas) is a pagan sanctuary in Lithuania, a reconstruction of a medieval pagan observatory. The poles corresponding to the gods and goddesses of the Balts can be used to observe the main calendar holidays.[2][3]

Samogitian Sanctuary

The structure is located in the northern part of Šventoji, Lithuania. It is based on archeological records of the paleoastronomic observatory and pagan shrine that existed on Birutė Hill in Palanga until the 16th century. The wooden poles were carved by Lithuanian folk artists and were installed in June 1998.[2] Neopagans use the sanctuary for devotional ceremonies during the major holidays.[4]

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Coordinates: 56°02′28″N 21°04′28″E / 56.04111°N 21.07444°E / 56.04111; 21.07444