Saltpeter War (Mexico)

The Salitre War (Spanish: Guerra del Salitre; also Saltpeter War) was a 1480-1510 military conflict between the Tarascan state of Purépecha people and peoples settled in Colima, Sayula, Zapotlán, Tapalpa, and Autlán. It started with the invasion of Tarascan cazonci (monarch) Tangaxuan II with the purpose to seize the mining of saltpeter (hence the name) and ended with the expulsion of Purépecha from the areas of Colima and Jalisco.[1]

Salitre War
Mapa del Suroeste Mexicano con los reinos y señoríos prehispánicos previos a la conquista española.jpg
Mesoamerica (present-day Mexico)
Result Expulsion of Purépecha from Colima and Jalisco
Tarascan state

Colima Sayula Zapotlán Tapalpa

Commanders and leaders
Tangaxuan II


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