Sallux, formerly the European Christian Political Foundation (ECPF), is a political foundation at European level,[1] and the official foundation/think tank of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), founded in 2011.

The ECPF supports and underpins the ECPM especially in terms of political content by European co-operation and the introduction of analysis, ideas and policy options. The ECPF shares the basic program and Christian values of the ECPM. The ECPF welcomes thinktanks, NGO's and individual politicians as members if they agree with these values and the Christian principles as expressed in the basic program.

The ECPF is based in Amersfoort, Netherlands., and the President of the Board is Davis Fieldsend from the United Kingdom.

Member statesEdit

Party Country
A Barankovics István Alapítvány (The Stephen Barankovics Foundation)   Hungary
Areopagus   Romania
Care for Europe   EU
Cercasi un fine   Italy
Foundation Democratic Initiatives   Ukraine
Intstitute for Ethics and Values   Germany
Iona Institute   Ireland
Jubilee Centre   UK
Keresztény Értelmiségiek Szövetsége (Federation of Christian Intellectuals)   Hungary
Pro Prietenia Arad   Romania
Pro Vita București   Romania
Scientific Institute ChristianUnion   Netherlands
Scientific Institute SGP   Netherlands
The Schuman Centre for European Studies   EU
World Teach   Romania


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