Sallingsund Bridge (Sallingsundbroen) is a bridge that crosses Salling Sund between the island of Mors and the Salling peninsula on the mainland (Jylland (Jutland)) in Denmark. The bridge is 1717 metres long, the longest span is 93 metres, and the maximum clearance to the sea is 26 metres.

Sallingsund Bridge

The building of Sallingsund Bridge started in 1973, and it was opened by Queen Margrethe II on 30 May 1978. Before the bridge was built, people and cars were taken across the sound by the ferries Pinen ("Pain") and Plagen ("Bother"). In 1976, a million passengers and a half million cars were ferried across the sound.

The bridge is pictured on the Danish 50-krone banknote since 2009.

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