Salisbury Cathedral Choir

The Choir of Salisbury Cathedral exists to sing services in Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, England, and has probably been in existence since the consecration of the cathedral in 1258.

The choir comprises twenty boy choristers and twenty girl choristers aged from 8 to 13 years and six professional Lay Vicars singing countertenor, tenor and bass.[1] Salisbury Cathedral was the first English cathedral to recruit girl choristers (in 1991) and, when in the cathedral, the girls' choir is usually wholly independent of the boys'.[2] The weekly services are equally divided between the boy and girl choristers throughout the school year.

The choristers are educated at Salisbury Cathedral School, which is situated in the Cathedral Close. The Lay Vicars live locally.

In addition to services, the choir is involved in BBC broadcasts, concerts, CD recordings and the annual Southern Cathedrals Festival. The choir also broadcasts frequently on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4. A documentary programme about the choir was shown on BBC4 television in March 2012 under the title Angelic Voices; it included episodes in the life of the members of both choirs over a four-month period.[3]

The choir is directed by the Director of Music, currently David Halls, and accompanied by the Assistant Organist, plus an organ scholar, who is selected by audition on an annual basis.


In previous years the boys and men have travelled to Latvia, Estonia and France; the girls have visited Italy and Austria. In 2009 the boys and men of Salisbury Cathedral Choir made their first visit to Salisbury’s twinned city of Saintes, France,[4] a visit they repeated together with the girls choir in 2014. Another tour to Salisbury's other twin town of Xanten, Germany, took place just after Easter 2016.[5]


Recent recordings include:

  • 2019 - Poetry in Music: Musical Settings of Words by George Herbert[6]
  • 2017 - Music for Sunday[7]
  • 2016 - Complete Psalms of David Volume 9 Series 2[8]
  • 2013 - Great Hymns from Salisbury
  • 2009 - Christmas at Salisbury Cathedral
  • 2009 - Bernard Naylor - The Nine Motets
  • 2009 – Anthems from Salisbury
  • 2008 – Christmas Carols from Wells and Salisbury
  • 2008 – The Resurrection
  • 2006 - The Virgin Mary's Journey
  • 2004 - Praise and Thanksgiving: Anthems from Salisbury
  • 2003 - King of Glory: Evensong from Salisbury
  • 2001 - Angels' Song: The New Music of Salisbury Cathedral
  • 2001 – From Darkness to Light
  • 1997 – Britten: Spring Symphony
  • 1997 – Sing Choirs of Angels
  • 1996 – An English Chorister’s Songbook

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