Salamá River

The Salamá River is a river in Guatemala. The river is fed by a number of streams running down the slopes of the Sierra de las Minas and Sierra de Chuacús and flows in a north-westerly direction through the town of Salamá until it joins the Chixoy River.[1][2]

Salamá River
Physical characteristics
 • locationBaja Verapaz
 • coordinates15°08′08″N 90°12′27″W / 15.13556°N 90.20750°W / 15.13556; -90.20750
 • elevation1,700 m (5,600 ft)
 • location
Tributary of the Chixoy River
 • coordinates
15°16′53″N 90°29′27″W / 15.28139°N 90.49083°W / 15.28139; -90.49083Coordinates: 15°16′53″N 90°29′27″W / 15.28139°N 90.49083°W / 15.28139; -90.49083
 • elevation
750 m (2,460 ft)
Basin sizeGulf of Mexico


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