Sakti Burman

Sakti Burman (born 1935 in Kolkata) is a contemporary Indian artist of Indian parentage living in France. (His name has also been spelled Shakti, Shakthi, and Sakthi.)

Sakti Burman
Sakti Burman - Kolkata 2015-03-21 6985.JPG
OccupationPainter and sculptor

He grew up in what is now Bangladesh, British India. He has lived in France for the last five decades, while maintaining strong ties with India, where he regularly exhibits his works. He is married to French painter Maite Delteil.[1] His extended family includes several eminent artists: his daughter, Maya Burman also lives and works in France; his niece, Jayasri Burman was inspired by him and is a notable artist in her own right; as is his niece's husband, Paresh Maity. He has had several exhibitions of his work in India, and elsewhere, and won several prizes. He has a large extended family.

A painter and lithographer, Burman's art has mythic and fantasy content and rich colors.


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