Sajid Hussain (journalist)

Sajid Hussain (1981 – 2020)[1] was a Baloch journalist and the editor of the online news site, the Balochistan Times[2]. He started his career in the Pakistani newspapers Daily Times and The News International. In 2012, he wrote a series of reports on "enforced disappearances and human rights violations in Balochistan". Following a police raid, interrogations and death threats, he fled the country, sought political asylum and lived in exile in Sweden since 2017. In 2015, he had started an online magazine called the Balochistan Times. He went missing on 2 March 2020 and was found dead in the Fyris River just north of Uppsala, Sweden, on 23 April. The identification of the dead person as Sajid Hussain became clear on 30 April. At the time of his death, Sajid Hussain was pursuing a MA in Iranian languages at Uppsala University, where he was also teaching Balochi on an hourly basis.[3][4][5][6][7]


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