Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Kazan

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral (Petropavlovsky Cathedral, Russian: Петропавловский собор) is a Russian Orthodox church in Kazan (Tatarstan). It is one of the most famous churches in Naryshkin Baroque.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan

The temple is consecrated in honour of heavenly Tsar Peter I of Russia patron.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is built in 1722. Constructing were operated merchant Ivan Afanasievich Mikhlyaev the head imperial factories in Kazan. Most likely, oriental-like cathedral and its bell tower were constructed by in common Moscow and Kazan masters.

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Coordinates: 55°47′37″N 49°06′48″E / 55.7936111211°N 49.1132055656°E / 55.7936111211; 49.1132055656