Saemoonan Church

The Saemoonan Church is a church in Jongno-gu, South Korea. It was founded in September 1887 by Horace Grant Underwood.[1] This makes the church, with a 132-year history, the oldest established church in South Korea.[2]

Saemoonan Church
CountrySouth Korea
DenominationPresbyterian Church of Korea (TongHap)
FoundedSeptember 27, 1887
Founder(s)Horace Grant Underwood
Senior pastor(s)Lee Sang-hak


The Saemoonan Church was founded in September 1887 when Horace Grant Underwood baptized one person and appointed two elders in an organization of fourteen Koreans.[3] Over the years, it has gone through 6 different chapels, constructing the latest chapel from 2014 to 2019.[4] The design of the chapel attracted attention from media due to its unconventional design like a mother's arms spread wide, and with much community space.[5][6][7]

The current senior pastor is Lee Sang-hak, who took over in 2017.[8] He was previously senior pastor at Pohang Cheil Church.[9]


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