Sabinus of Piacenza

Saint Sabinus of Piacenza (Italian: San Savino di Piacenza) (333 – December 11, 420), venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic church, was bishop of Piacenza until his death in the year 420.

Saint Sabinus of Piacenza
Statue of Saint Sabinus located in the church of Caselle Landi.
bishop of Piacenza
Milan, Italy
Died(420-12-11)December 11, 420
Piacenza, Italy
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrinePiacenza
Feast11 December


Sabinus was born in Milan around 330 - 340. Initially was a deacon of Milan, then became bishop of Piacenza for other 50 years.

He was one of founding fathers of the Council of Antioch in 372. He defend the Catholicism against the arian heresy.

He died about after 50 years as bishop, on December 11, 420.


His relics are located into the Basilica of San Savino in Piacenza. Saint Sabinus is venerated in Caselle Landi, in both of which places the churches are dedicated to him, in the neighbourhood of Piacenza.


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