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The Saar Treaty, or Treaty of Luxembourg (German: Vertrag von Luxemburg, French: accords de Luxembourg) is an agreement between West Germany and France concerning the return of the Saar Protectorate to West Germany. The treaty was signed in Luxembourg on October 27, 1956, by foreign ministers Heinrich von Brentano of West Germany and Christian Pineau of France, following the Saar Statute referendum on October 23, 1955, which resulted in a majority vote against the Saar Statute.[1]

Saar Treaty
TypeBilateral treaty
Signed27 October 1956 (1956-10-27)
LocationLuxembourg City, Luxembourg
West Germany
West Germany

After the Landtag declared to accede to the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany),[2] the incorporation of the Saarland was finalised on January 1, 1957. Both involved parties agreed on an economic transition period through 1959, during which the Saarland remained under French control.


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