STOLEN are a Sinographic-Techno-Rock band from Chengdu, China. They were formed by vocalist Liang Yi, guitarist FangDe, bassist JunYang, drummer YuFeng, keyboardist Duan Xuan and a French VJ Formol.

STOLEN band.jpg
Background information
OriginChengdu, China
Years active2009–present
LabelsMFS, Caotai Music, UMAA
WebsiteSTOLEN's Facebook
STOLEN's Instagram
MembersLiang Yi, FangDe, Duan Xuan, YuFeng, JunYang, Formol



They were formed while studying at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 2009. During this time, they met Formol, a French VJ, who used to run a small bar close to the bands’ practice room. The band noticed the cool music being played in the bar every time they walked past. When STOLEN eventually played at Formol's bar, the band asked him to help them with their visuals, after that, he was invited to join the band in 2012. STOLEN became five Chinese musicians and a French VJ.[1][2][3]


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