SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship

The Southern States Wrestling (SSW) Junior Heavyweight Championship is a secondary professional wrestling championship in Southern States Wrestling. It was first won by Eddie Golden who defeated Jamie Gibson in Banner Elk, North Carolina on March 30, 1992. The title is generally defended in the Southern United States, most often in its home base in East Tennessee, but also as far away as North Carolina.[1] It was retired and revived twice before being renamed the Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Championship in June 2004. There are 7 recognized known champions with a total of 10 title reigns.[2][3]

SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship
PromotionSouthern States Wrestling
Date establishedMarch 30, 1992

Title historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Eddie Golden 1 March 30, 1992 Banner Elk, North Carolina Defeated Jamie Gibson to become the first champion.[1][2][3]
Alex Shane 1 April 30, 1993 Fall Branch, Tennessee [1][2][3]
Eddie Golden 2 May 28, 1993 Sullivan Gardens, Tennessee [1][2][3]
Alex Shane 2 June 25, 1993 Fall Branch, Tennessee [1][2][3]
The Shogun 1 April 8, 1994 Fall Branch, Tennessee [1][2][3]
Title becomes vacant when The Shogun leaves the promotion.'[1][2][3]
Title history unrecorded'[1][2]
Bobby Blaze 1 January 1995 [1][2][3]
Title history unrecorded'[1][2]
The Alabama Heartthrob 1 1995
Eddie Golden 3 December 1, 1995 Fall Branch, Tennessee [1][2][3][4]
Title history unrecorded'[1][2]
Title is abandoned'[1][2]
Tony Givens 1 July 20, 2003 Kingsport, Tennessee Won battle royal to win the revived title.[2][3]
Shane Matthews 1 March 12, 2004 Kingsport, Tennessee Defeated Tony Givens, Eric Darkstorm and Josh Cody in a 4 Way Ladder match.[2][3]
Title is renamed the Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Championship in June 2004.'[2]
Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Title
Clay Connors 1 November 26, 2004 Kingsport, Tennessee Defeated Shane Matthews.[2][3]
Ray Idol 1 2004 Kingsport, Tennessee [3]
Alyx Wynters 1 January 22, 2005 Kingsport, Tennessee [3]


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