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A SOT-A (Special Operations Team-Alpha) is a signals intelligenceelectronic warfare (SIGINT-EW) element of the United States Army Special Forces.[1] They are low-level SIGINT collection teams that intercept and report operational and technical information derived from tactical threat communications through prescribed communications paths. The mission of a SOT-A is to conduct SIGINT/EW in support of information operations (unilaterally or in conjunction with other SOF elements) to support existing and emerging SOF missions worldwide.

SOT-A's are the direct descendants of the Army Security Agency's Special Operations Detachments (USASASODs).



SOT-As can detect, monitor, and exploit threat communications through communications transmission intercept and direction finding. SOT-As also can deploy with Special Forces Operational Detachments-A (SFODAs or A-teams) to provide SIGINT support for contingency, direct action, force protection, or MTT support. These functions may require SOT-As to:[1]

  • Deploy with a SFODA.
  • Deploy independently and then join a deployed SFODA.
  • Operate independently or with other SOT-As.
  • Operate and train on advanced collection equipment provided by national intelligence agencies.

Insertion/Extraction TechniquesEdit

SOT-A team members can operate in remote and denied areas. In addition to their linguistic and SIGINT skills, SOT-As are trained in tactical and fieldcraft techniques.

SIGINT (Signals Intelligence)Edit

  • Foreign languages
  • Morse Code intercept (>20 GPM)
  • Analysis and reporting
    • Tagalog

Advanced trainingEdit

Advanced training may include:


Currently, there are three SOT-A sections per battalion at every Special Forces Group. A SOT-A team generally consists of four members.[1]


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