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SMART-T is The Secure, Mobile, Anti-Jam, Reliable, Tactical-Terminal. used by the United States Armed Forces (mainly the U.S. Army).


The SMAR–T provides services such as:

  • Soldiers can send text, data, voice and video communications beyond their area of operations without worrying that the information will fall into the hands of enemy forces.
  • Soldiers can extend the range of their network in such a manner that communications cannot be jammed, detected, or intercepted.

The US Army identifies the SMART-T as the AN/TSC-154.[1]

Developed in the early '90's, the SMART-T provides Beyond LOS (Line Of Sight) range extensions for Division level, Brigade Level, and Battalion Level elements. The SMART-T provides protected Command and Control (C2) communications through use of EHF (Extremely High Frequency) waveforms over Military used satellite constellations.

As of February 2008, 314 SMART-T Units are in place, with 227 units being placed in use by BCT's (Brigade Combat Team), SBCT's (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), Division Levels, and Corps Levels. The remaining units can be found in use by The White House, The Pentagon, The US Air Force, and US Marines. An upgrade (expected starting Fiscal Year of 2010), will improve the EHF capabilities to AEHF (Advanced Extremely High Frequency).


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