Siger is the leading holding company of Mohammed VI, the king of Morocco.

IndustryHolding company
Key people
Mounir Majidi
(managing director)
OwnerMohammed VI[dead link]

The company evolved out of a holding of the same name that belonged to Hassan II but was renamed to Ergis (now belonging to the Heirs of Hassan II), whereas Siger was founded as a new entity in 2002, and entirely belonging to Mohammed VI.[1] It has participations in Société Nationale d'Investissement and Morocco's leading agribusiness firm Les Domaines Agricoles.[2]

The company is managed by Mounir Majidi, the personal secretary of the Alaouite monarch.[3] Former CEOs included Hassan Bouhemou[4] and Driss Jettou.[2][5]

Detail of Siger shares in SNI

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