SH1 (classification)

SH1 is a Paralympic shooting classification.


Athletes in this Paralympic shooting sport class either shoot with a pistol or a rifle. They do not require a shooting stand, because their arms are affected by impairment to a lesser extent and allow for sufficient support of the pistol or rifle. Eligible pistol shooters, for example, have an impaired non-shooting arm, such as amputation or muscle weakness.[1]

Becoming classifiedEdit

Sub-classifications A, B and C define wheelchair backrest height depending on back and pelvic strength per athlete. Ambulant or wheelchair using shooters regardless of sub-classifications A, B or C shoot together in this class.

Classification is handled by International Paralympic Committee Shooting.[2]

IPC Shooting Classification Rules and RegulationsEdit

The IPC Shooting[3] Classification Rules and Regulations were published and came into force on May 2012.[4] The rules reflect the wording of the IPC Classification Code and are a revised version of the previous IPC Classification Rules.

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