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SFM Entertainment is an American television syndicator, film distributor, production company, and licensing firm established on September 29, 1969.[2] SFM Entertainment is known for setting up 'occasional' networks.[3] The name comes from the initials of the company's founders: Walter Staab, Robert Frank, and Stanley Moger.[citation needed]

SFM Media
TypePrivate corporation
IndustryTelevision, film, and new media distribution, production, and licensing[1]
FoundedSeptember 29, 1969 (1969-09-29)
FounderWalter Staab
Robert Frank
Stanley Moger
Key people
Stanley Moger, CEO
Michael Maizes, SVP, Counsel, CFO
ProductsTV shows
ServicesAd hoc TV networks
OwnerStanley Moger
DivisionsSFM Holiday Network
SFM Media Corporation


SFM Media Services started on September 29,[2] 1969 as an independent advertising agency by Stanley Moger, Bob Frank and Walt Staab. SFM Media started a division, SFM Entertainment (SFME), to enter the strip-programming business. SFME's first program was The Mickey Mouse Club.[4]

During the winter of 1976-77, SFM Media Service assisted Mobil Oil in running and launching the Mobil Showcase Network. This led to three additional companies approaching SFM on setting up their own 'occasional' networks.[3] In 1978, SFM launched its own network, SFM Holiday Network.[5] SFM subsequently launched the General Foods Golden Showcase Network[4] in 1980.[6] In 1983, SFM worked with Del Monte Foods to form an ad hoc TV network to broadcast the special Believe You Can . . . And You Can! over 100 stations on April 21, 1983 at 8 PM EST.[7]

In 1994, SFM started up a sports marketing unit in its media services division with the hiring of Jerry Solomon as executive vice president.[8] In 1998, media holding company Havas purchased SFM, except for its SFM Entertainment division.[9]

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Some shows distributed by SFM (past or present) include:


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