SD Indautxu

Sociedad Deportiva Indautxu is a Spanish football club based in Bilbao, in the autonomous community of Basque Country. Founded in 1924, it plays in Vizcaya Group of Territorial Preferente, holding home games at Campo Iparralde.

Full nameSociedad Deportiva Indautxu
GroundIparralde, Bilbao,
Biscay, Spain
ChairmanFidel Olozaga
ManagerJuan Pablo Palacio
LeagueTerritorial Preferente de Vizcaya
2011–12División de Honor , 18th

Apart from football, the club also promotes other sports such as boxing and swimming.


Indautxu was founded in 1924, was disbanded in 1929, and then reformed in 1940, also being referred to as Sociedad Deportiva Indauchu.

In 1955–56's second division, with former Athletic Bilbao players Telmo Zarra and José Luis Panizo in the squad, and with another, Rafael Iriondo, as coach, the team made its debuts in the Spanish second division, finishing third in 1956–57 and 1958–59, and fourth in 1957–58.

Indautxu maintained its division status until the Segunda Division status until the 1966–67 season, returning for the last time in 1968–69, and meeting the same fate.

Season to seasonEdit

Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1943/44 3rd
1944/45 4th
1945/46 4th
1946/47 2nd
1947/48 9th
1948/49 6th
1949/50 8th
1950/51 5th
1951/52 15th
1952/53 9th
1953/54 9th
1954/55 2nd
1955/56 8th
1956/57 3rd
1957/58 4th
1958/59 3rd
1959/60 8th
1960/61 11th
1961/62 14th
1962/63 9th
1963/64 12th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1964/65 8th
1965/66 6th
1966/67 16th
1967/68 1st
1968/69 19th
1969/70 10th
1970/71 Reg. Pref. 15th
1971/72 Reg. Pref. 20th
from 72-73 Regional
to 01-02 Regional
2002/03 5th
2003/04 9th
2004/05 9th
2005/06 17th
2006/07 D. Honor 17th
2007/08 Terr. Pref. 11th
2008/09 Terr. Pref. 4th
2009/10 Terr. Pref. 1st
2010/11 D. Honor 7th
2011/12 D. Honor 18th
2012/13 Terr. Pref.

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