SASBO – The Finance Union

SASBO – The Finance Union (formerly the South African Society of Bank Officials) is a trade union in South Africa. It was founded in 1916 and has a membership of 70,000.[citation needed]

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Full nameSASBO – The Finance Union
Founded9 March 1916
Members70,000[citation needed]
Key peopleJoe Kokela, general secretary
Ben Venter, deputy general secretary
Office locationJohannesburg, South Africa
CountrySouth Africa

The union was long affiliated to the Trade Union Council of South Africa, and by 1980 it had 21,044 members, all of whom were white. In 1981, it absorbed the National Union of Bank Employees of South Africa, representing "coloured" workers, and the South African Bank Employees' Union, representing black workers.[1] Later in the 1980s, it switched to the Federation of South African Labour Unions.[2] In 1994, it absorbed the Finance Industry Workers' Union.[3] Since 1995, SASBO has been affiliated with the Congress of South African Trade Unions; when it first joined, it was its only affiliate with a majority white membership.[4]


General SecretariesEdit

1943: Richard Haldane
1964: Tom Alexander
1983: André Malherbe
Ben Smith
1994: Graeme Rowan
1999: Shaun Oelschig
2016: Joe Kokela


Andre Malherbe
Peter McQueen
1990s: Keith Alberts
2000: Joe Kokela
2016: Moses Lekota


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