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Shay K. Azoulay (Hebrew: שי אזולאי‎) is an Israeli writer who writes in English and Hebrew.

Shay K. Azoulay
Born (1979-12-24) December 24, 1979 (age 39)
Tel Aviv
Occupationnovelist, playwright, translator
GenreLiterary Fiction



Azoulay's debut play, "The Platoon", a satire about the IDF, won first place in the 2012 staged reading festival "Zav Kriah".[1] The play was staged in Tel Aviv's Tzavtah Theater in 2014-2015 and received good reviews in the press, including a review by prominent theater critic Michael Handelzalts, who compared it to the work of Hanoch Levin.[2] The play also stirred controversy, following an article which mistakenly claimed that the play depicts IDF soldiers raping Palestinian women. A member of the Tel Aviv municipal council sent a letter to the theater, demanding that they stop the staging of the play.[3] Azoulay's other work includes the one-act play "Shade", which participated in the Tzavtah Theater's 2012 Short play Festival, and "Barabas" - a reimagining of Christopher Marlowe's "The Jew of Malta".


Azoulay's Debut novel Lazaretto will be published in summer 2019.[4]

Azoulay has also written a series of short stories entitled "Minor Writers of the Entropic Age". These stories include "The Invention of H. P. Lovecraft", published in Flapperhouse Magazine,[5] "The Bard of Hastings" published in The Cost of Paper [6] and "Permaculture", which won second prize in the 2016 Zoetrope: All-Story short fiction contest.[7] Also included in this series is "Jacob Wallenstein, Notes for a Future Biography", a work of fiction regarding a "forgotten" Israeli science fiction novelist and his 1,000 page magnum opus. In 2013 Azoulay submitted this story to Tablet magazine, claiming that it was a true account of the nonexistent writer's life and work. An editor at the magazine was initially excited by the story, but eventually discovered that it was a hoax, though he decided to publish the story anyway, together with a forward explaining his discovery of the hoax.[8]

Other short works by Azoulay have appeared in The Molotov Cocktail and McSweeney's Internet Tendency.


Azoulay also works as a Hebrew to English translator, translating non-fiction,[9] children's literature, and plays, including works by playwright Hanoch Levin.[10]


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