S. A. Foster House and Stable

The Foster House and Stable is a Japanese-influenced house at 12147 South Harvard Avenue in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, United States. The house was designed in 1900 by Frank Lloyd Wright as a summer home for Stephen A. Foster, an attorney who worked for real estate developer who helped to build this part of the West Pullman neighborhood. It was designated a Chicago Landmark on May 9, 1996.[1]

S. A. Foster House and Stable
Stephen A. Foster House and Stable.jpg
General information
Architectural styleJapanese
Address12147 South Harvard Avenue
Town or cityChicago, Illinois
CountryUnited States of America
Coordinates41°40′22.08″N 87°37′50.16″W / 41.6728000°N 87.6306000°W / 41.6728000; -87.6306000
ClientStephen A Foster
Design and construction
ArchitectFrank Lloyd Wright
DesignatedMay 9, 1996

The Foster House and Stable were designed during an experimental period by Frank Lloyd Wright and have some rare design features including Japanese-influenced upward tuning roof flares at all of the roof peaks and on each Dormer. The house and stable also incorporate an extremely rare Tumblehome design throughout. The exterior walls slant inward from the base to the top. Since the interior walls are straight, the transition takes place in the exterior windows and doors which are wider at the bottom than they are at the top. The house and stable are unique examples and similar to wooden Water Tower construction with flared supports for added strength. [2]

After being on sale for several years,[3] the home sold for US$145,000 in March 2020.[4]


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Coordinates: 41°40′22″N 87°37′50″W / 41.6728°N 87.6306°W / 41.6728; -87.6306