S.A.-Mann Brand

S.A.-Mann Brand (Storm Trooper Brand) is a German film made around the time that Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. It was released in mid-June 1933.

S.A.-Mann Brand
SA mann Brand poster.jpg
Directed byFranz Seitz
Written byCurt J. Braun
Produced byFranz Seitz
StarringHeinz Klingenberg
Wera Liessem
Rolf Wenkhaus
Edited byGottlieb Madl
Music byToni Thoms
Release date
  • 1933 (1933)
Running time
94 minutes

The film presents the story of a truck driver, Fritz Brand, who joins the Nazi Sturmabteilung to defend Germany against communist subversion orchestrated from Moscow. He persuades his social circle of the imminent danger and the need to support Hitler in the federal election.

A review in the New York Times noted favorably the film's production value and the absence of any anti-Semitic message, while also expressing contempt for its unsophisticated plot.[1]


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