The Sır Dam is an arch dam on the Ceyhan River in Kahramanmaraş Province of southern Turkey. There is a hydroelectric power plant, established in 1991, at the dam, with a power output of 285 MW.[1]

Sır Dam
Sır Dam is located in Turkey
Sır Dam
Location of Sır Dam in Turkey
Official nameSır Baraji
LocationKahramanmaraş Province
Coordinates37°30′2.9″N 36°35′45.35″E / 37.500806°N 36.5959306°E / 37.500806; 36.5959306Coordinates: 37°30′2.9″N 36°35′45.35″E / 37.500806°N 36.5959306°E / 37.500806; 36.5959306
Construction began1987
Opening date1991
Dam and spillways
Type of damConcrete arch
Height116 m (381 ft)
Dam volume494,000 m3 (646,128 cu yd)
Total capacity1,120,000,000 m3 (907,999 acre⋅ft)
Surface area48 km2 (19 sq mi)
Power Station
Turbines3 x 95 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity285 MW
Annual generation725 GWh

Involuntary ResettlementEdit

According to Terminski (2013), the construction of the dam resulted in involuntary resettlement of approximately 45,000 people.[2]


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