Sørlandet Hospital Arendal

Coordinates: 58°28′01″N 8°45′17″E / 58.46694°N 8.75483°E / 58.46694; 8.75483

Sørlandet Hospital Arendal is one of the three regional hospitals in Hospital of Southern Norway (trust). The hospital is located on Kloppene in Arendal, Aust-Agder County in Norway.

The hospital, seen from the north.
The hospital, seen from the southeast.

There are receipts for acute somatic disorders and surgery.

There are also maternity clinic, psychiatric inpatient treatment, substance abuse and addiction treatment, and a clinic for mental health (psychiatry) and addiction treatment for adults. There is also a separate department for child- and adolescent psychiatry. (BUP).[1] .

There is an ambulance station and Arendal Heliport (Air medical services) at the hospital.

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