The Ryanggang Hotel (량강호텔) was a first class[1] hotel located in the Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang, North Korea.[2][3] It has 330 rooms.[4] The hotel was built in 1989 on a hill overlooking the Taedong and Pothong rivers, next to Seosan Football Stadium. The hotel covers an area of roughly 33,000 square metres and has two main buildings.[5] There is a revolving restaurant on the top floor,[6] and it has a library, billiard room,[7] soft drink counter and shop.

Ryanggang Hotel
View of the Taedong River from the hotel
General information
TypeFirst class hotel
LocationMangyongdae District
Town or cityPyongyang
CountryNorth Korea
Coordinates39°0′16″N 125°41′37″E / 39.00444°N 125.69361°E / 39.00444; 125.69361
Technical details
Floor area33,000 square metres
Other information
Number of rooms330

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