Russ DeSalvo

Russ DeSalvo is an American producer, arranger, songwriter, and guitarist.

DeSalvo works with Celine Dion, Lionel Richie (DeSalvo played guitar and synthesizer on the Definitive Collection CD), Laura Pausini, and Kyle Archer (guitar on the Addin' Somethin' In CD). In April 2006, DeSalvo and British singer/songwriter Natascha Sohl[1] released a single entitled "Naked," material that they wrote and recorded.

DeSalvo was the composer of, and the writer of "Real Life" and "Feels Like Love" on, Barbie Diaries (2006), an animated movie.


Desalvo was formerly published by Sir Paul McCartney's music publishing company (MPL Communications), INC, EMI Music Publishing, and Warner/Chappell Music.

Current arranging and writingEdit

Desalvo is currently writing and arranging for Disney's Princess Stores; scoring, producing, writing, and arranging for Mattel's Barbie Diaries & Barbie 6 Series; and writing collaborations with Amber Claire (Sony/BMG – New Zealand), Ross Copperman (Sony/BMG – UK), James Carrington (Cheeky Music/Champion Records – UK), Greg Johnson (Capitol Records – New Zealand), and Kristy Frank (Ruff Nation/Universal).


DeSalvo is represented by Aimee Berger, President of 2 Generations SPA Music Management (2G), a music management and record label company.[2]



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