Rusli Habibie

Rusli Habibie is an Indonesian politician and the current governor of the province of Gorontalo. Since taking office, his social agenda has been active. Habibie requested that if schoolteachers smoke on school grounds, then people should send him photos of the offender via WhatsApp so he can reassign them to schools in more remote areas of the province as punishment.[1]

Rusli Habibie
Gubernur Rusli Habibie (2014).jpg
Rusli Habibie in 2014
Governor of Gorontalo
Assumed office
16 January 2012
Preceded byZudan Arif Fakrulloh
Personal details
Born6 June 1963
North Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo, Indonesia
Political partyGolkar

Habibie's election was significant due to questions over his legal eligibility. He had previously been convicted of defamation of the province's former police chief and was still on probation at the time of the election.[2]


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