Rupilia Faustina

Rupilia Faustina (c. 87 A.D. – before 138 A.D.) was an influential Roman noblewoman. She was the daughter of Salonina Matidia and suffect consul Lucius Scribonius Libo Rupilius Frugi Bonus. She possibly had another sister called Rupilia Annia.

Rupilia Faustina
Bornc. 87 A.D.
Diedbefore 138 A.D.
Spouse(s)Marcus Annius Verus

Her mother’s maternal uncle was the Roman Emperor Trajan. Her elder half-sisters were Roman Empress Vibia Sabina and Matidia Minor. The sisters lived and were raised as a part of the household of Trajan, his wife Pompeia Plotina and her father. Roman Emperor Hadrian was her brother-in-law and third cousin.

Faustina married Marcus Annius Verus, who was a prefect in Rome and served as consul three times. Their children were:

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