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Runestone G 319 which is in Rute church in Gotland.

Runestone G 319 is a runestone made from limestone in Rute church in Gotland. The runestone is dated to years 1200-1250.[1] It is the only runestone in Gotland that mentions Finland. The word "Aglia" in the end of the inscription is problematic, but it has been interpreted to focus the place of death of Audvalds.[2]


Original inscription:

si[h]tris : aruar[r] : litu : giera : st[a]en : yfir : auþu-l- : broþur : sin : a : finlandi : do : aglia...[3]

Translation to Old West Norse:

Sigtryggs(?) arfar létu gera stein yfir Auðv[a]l[d](?), bróður sinn, á Finnlandi dó 〈aglia...〉.

Translation to English:

Sigtryggr's(?) heirs had the stone made over Auðvaldr(?), their brother, who died in Finland ...


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