Rund um Berlin

The Rund um Berlin was a classic cycling race based around the German city of Berlin. It was the oldest cycling race in Germany until it ended in 2008. Although it was one of the oldest races in the world, its importance was restricted to Germany. It was usually only contested by Germans, and only four times was the winner not German.

Rund um Berlin
Race details
RegionBerlin, Germany
English nameTour of Berlin
Local name(s)Rund um Berlin (in German)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour (2008)
First edition1896 (1896)
Final edition2008
First winner Gustav Gräben (GER)
Most wins Klaus Ampler (GDR) (5 wins)
Final winner Robert Bartko (GER)


Year Country Rider Team
1896   Germany Gustav Gräben
1897   Germany Gustav Gräben
1902   Germany Otto Goetzke
1903   Germany Otto Goetzke
1904   Germany Franz Scholz
1905   Germany Adolf Böhm
1906   Germany Otto Goetzke
1907   Germany Max Faustmann
1908   Germany Adolf Böhm
1909   Germany Jakob Meck
1910   Germany Carl Saldow
1911   Germany Adolf Huschke
1912   Germany Erich Aberger
1913   Germany Ernst Franz
1914 No race
1915   Germany Karl Wittig
1916-1918 No race
1919   Germany Paul Koch
1920   Germany Paul Kohl
1921   Germany Erich Aberger
1922   Germany Richard Schenkel
1923   Germany Erich Aberger
1924   Germany Paul Kohl
1925   Germany Oskar Tietz
1926   Germany Siegfried Schütze
1927   Germany Bruno Wolke
1928   Germany Walter Hoffmann
1929   Germany Rudolf Risch
1930   Germany Walter Merkan
1931   Germany Willy Kutschbach
1932   Germany Walter Bartholomäus
1933   Germany Emil Kijewski
1934   Germany Kurt Stöpel
1935   Germany Bruno Roth
1936   Germany Fritz Ruland
1937   Germany Emil Kijewski
1938   Germany Bruno Gerber
1939   Germany Bruno Gerber
1940   Germany Walter Liebl
1941   Germany Harry Saager
1942   Germany Harry Saager
1943-1945 No race
1946   Germany Karl Wiemer
1947   Germany Hans Preiskeit
1948   Germany Heinrich Schultenjohann
1949   Germany Reinhold Steinhilb
1950   East Germany Bernhard Trefflich
1951   East Germany Gustav-Adolf Schur
1952   East Germany Rudi Kirchhoff
1953   East Germany Erich Schulz
1954   East Germany Rudi Kirchhoff
1955   East Germany Konrad Claus
1956   East Germany Rudi Kirchhoff
1957   Belgium Louis Legros
1958   East Germany Rudi Kirchhoff
1959   East Germany Klaus Ampler
1960   East Germany Klaus Ampler
1961   East Germany Manfred Weißleder
1962   East Germany Lothar Höhne
1963   East Germany Lothar Höhne
1964   East Germany Klaus Ampler
1965   East Germany Klaus Ampler
1966   East Germany Dieter Grabe
1967   East Germany Günther Liebold
1968   East Germany Lothat Appler
1969   East Germany Klaus Ampler
1970   East Germany Dieter Grabe
1971   East Germany Michael Milde
1972   East Germany Michael Schiffner
1973   East Germany Michael Schiffner
1974   East Germany Wolfgang Lötzsch
1975   East Germany Eberhard Sanftleben
1976   Belgium André Van de Stehen
1977   East Germany Hans-Joachim Hartnick
1978   East Germany Detlef Bönisch
1979   East Germany Hans-Joachim Schippel
1980   East Germany Jörg Köhler
1981   East Germany Bodo Straubel
1982   Soviet Union Nikolai Kriwoschejew
1983   East Germany Wolfgang Lötzsch
1984   East Germany Bodo Straubel
1985   East Germany Frank Karraß
1986   East Germany Uwe Raab
1987   East Germany Olaf Ludwig
1988   Soviet Union Alexander Lopanow
1989   East Germany Uwe Stoltze
1990   East Germany Olaf Merkel
1991   Germany Frank Augustin
1992   Germany Frank Augustin
1993   Germany Jan Schaffrath
1994   Germany Martin Müller
1995   Germany Hagen Bernutz
1996   Germany Frank Augustin
1997   Germany Erik Zabel
1998   Germany Jan Ullrich
1999   Germany Lutz Lehmann
2000   Germany Steffen Radochla
2008   Germany Robert Bartko