Rumple Minze[pronunciation?] is a German-style liqueur brand, best known for peppermint schnapps. The brand is owned by the holding company Diageo, based in London.[1]

The Rumple Minze peppermint liquor has a strong peppermint smell and taste, and it has a high alcohol content at 50% alcohol by volume, (100 proof), compared to the 40% (or 80 proof) of most liquors. It is commonly served chilled, straight up (in some cases as a digestif[2]) or it can also be mixed to form various cocktails.

Rumple Minze was rated a 95 (out of a possible 100) by the Beverage Tasting Institute.[1] The United States is the top market for this product. The success of their peppermint schnapps has led Rumple Minze to release two new flavors which include a berry-flavored liqueur and a lime-flavored liqueur, both of which are also 100 proof.

Even if Rumple Minze gives the impression of being a drink produced in Germany or popular in Germany, it is largely unknown in Germany. Although mint liqueurs are produced and consumed in Germany, they are largely unknown on the US market (see "Berliner Luft", "Nordbrand Nordhausen" and others). The name is an artificial portmanteau word consisting of "rumple", which is reminiscent of the German word "Rumpeln" (to make a dull, rumbling sound), and "Minze", the German spelling of mint.

The logo on the front of the bottle is a picture of a double-headed golden eagle. The logo is thus reminiscent of the German national coat of arms, even if this does not show a double-headed eagle but a single-headed one.

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