Rudolph de Cordova

Rudolph de Cordova (1860–1941) was a Jamaican-born British writer, screenwriter and actor.[1] He was married to the writer Alicia Ramsey and collaborated with her on several plays. Cordova was born in Kingston, the son of Altamont de Cordova, a prominent merchant, and Katherine Lewis. He went to London to study medicine in the 1880s, but soon abandoned his studies in order to become an actor.[2] His brother was the actor and film director Leander de Cordova. He was also the grandnephew of Jacob de Cordova , and great grandnephew of Raphael de Cordova, a coffee brewer and president of the first synagogue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is also the cousin of Julian de Cordova, former president of Union Glass Company, and founder of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

Rudolph de Cordova in 1916

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