Rudolf I (bishop of Würzburg)

Rudolf I (died 3 August 908) was the Bishop of Würzburg from 892 until his death. He was the youngest son of Udo of Neustria.

Engraving from Würzburg court and university engraver Johann Salver (born 1670 in Forchheim; died 1738) from the series of Würzburg prince-bishops

In 892, he was appointed as bishop to replace Arno, who had been killed during a campaign against Great Moravia. At the same time, his brother Conrad the Elder became Margrave of Thuringia, reflecting the influence the family held within East Francia. It is probable that Arnulf was switching his patronage from one family to another, because Poppo, Duke of Thuringia, a Babenberg, was deposed for counselling Arno to campaign. Soon after the Babenbergs and Conradines were in a feud.

Rudolf was killed in 908 while fighting against the Magyars in Thuringia.