Ruacana Power Station

The Ruacana Power Station is a hydroelectric power plant near Ruacana in northwest Namibia, close to the Angolan border.

Ruacana Power Station
LocationRuacana, Ruacana Constituency, Omusati Region
Coordinates17°23′40.23″S 14°13′9.22″E / 17.3945083°S 14.2192278°E / -17.3945083; 14.2192278Coordinates: 17°23′40.23″S 14°13′9.22″E / 17.3945083°S 14.2192278°E / -17.3945083; 14.2192278
Commission date1978/2012
Thermal power station
Primary fuelWater
Power generation
Units operational3 x 80 MW (110,000 hp), 1 x 90 MW Francis-type
Nameplate capacity330 MW (440,000 hp)


The power station is operated by Namibia's national power utility company, NamPower.


The first three 80 MW Francis turbine-generators were commissioned in 1978.

A fourth Francis turbine-generator at 90 MW was built by Alstom, Andrits Hydro and Concor and commissioned on 5 April 2012.[1][2]

Water SourceEdit

Water for the power station is stored in a dam just above the Ruacana Falls along the Cunene River in Angola. Several dams upstream help regulate the Cunene River to help the power station operate more efficiently. The Calueque Dam in Calueque, Angola is under construction. Further up is the Gove Dam in west-central Angola and the Olushandja Dam, on the tributary, Etaka River, is in Namibia.[3]

The power station is located underground near the bottom of the falls and has an installed capacity of 330 megawatts (440,000 hp).[4]


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